Two Essential Steps to Elevate Your Inner Confidence

You’re here because you desire to boost confidence, aren’t you? As a seasoned life coach, let me tell you – genuine, deep-seated confidence is the magic ingredient to practically everything in life.

Yes, there are infinite strategies, mental tricks, and practical tips to enhance your life and feel better about who you are. But devoid of the correct foundation, they won’t hold much meaning. This foundation? It’s the real, authentic you. The you that is present at your core. Guess what – it requires a substantial amount of confidence to discover and acknowledge that person. So, here’s the insight on the two crucial steps to true inner confidence.

Boost Confidence with Your Core Values

Let me be frank; I’m a complete enthusiast over personal values. Why so? Because they’re the schematic for comprehending yourself on a fundamental level, and they’re pivotal for fostering genuine inner confidence.

Imagine your values as the bedrock of your existence, situated deep within you. They’re the foundational elements that formulate you. These values could range from progress, joy, nature, accomplishment, or even liberty.

Ever wondered why certain situations or individuals irk you, leaving you feeling deflated or irate? That’s usually because one or more of your core values are being trampled on. On the other hand, those instances when you’re brimming with life and energy? That’s when your values are being applauded. By comprehending and living in harmony with your values, you can experience more of those exhilarating moments.

The best part? Your values are entirely yours, like a hidden superpower that no one can ever strip away. When you familiarize yourself with your values, you can start making life choices that respect them. And trust me, it feels fantastic. It’s all about letting your genuine self sparkle in the real world.

Exercise That Confidence Muscle to Boost Confidence

Consider confidence as a muscle, because it truly is. And like any other muscle, you need to keep it in shape. The snag? Unlike your biceps or abs, your confidence muscle isn’t quite as easy to locate.

How do you amplify your biceps or make those abs pop? By consistently doing targeted exercises until you start to see the improvements. Confidence is no different.

Let’s assume you’re the kind of person who prefers to play it safe, sticking to what you know. Perhaps you talk yourself out of trying something new because it feels too precarious, or you keep telling yourself, ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘that’s not really me.’ The less you venture outside your comfort zone, the less you challenge your confidence, and over time, it begins to shrink.

To flex your confidence muscle, you’ve got to be open to taking risks – whether they’re significant leaps or small steps. You’ve got to push yourself, experiment with new things, broaden your horizons. The more open you are to new experiences and possibilities, the more your confidence will flourish. So, are you ready to give that confidence muscle a workout?

Remember, confidence isn’t something that occurs overnight. It requires time and patience. But with a superior understanding of your core values and a readiness to exercise that confidence muscle, you’re on your path to becoming a more confident, genuine you. Keep at it, and before you know it, you’ll be radiating confidence from within.

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