How to Stay Consistent with Daily Journaling

Starting a new journaling practice is one that can help bring you clarity, insight, and healing in all areas of your life. But to get the most from a journaling practice, you need to be consistent with it. If you have a goal to journal every day, but are struggling with consistency, the following tips can really help you create a routine and find your own way of making journaling a part of your everyday life.

Create a Journaling Habit and Routine

Establishing a habit kicks off with a routine, and a routine springs from a solid structure. If you’re embarking on a quest for clarity, goal-setting, or personal growth via journaling, kickstart your journey by crafting a robust structure and ingraining a consistent journaling routine.

Add Journaling to Your Routine – It is almost impossible to start something new and allow a new activity to turn into a habit if you don’t add it to your routine first. Being consistent with journaling is about setting yourself up for success, just like you would with any other new habit you want to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Select a time of day that aligns with a brief but impactful journaling session. Integrate this seamlessly into existing habits, like reflecting on a book chapter in the evening or jotting down thoughts during your morning coffee ritual. Identify a spare 5-10 minutes in your routine to actively engage in journaling.

Turning Journaling into a Habit – By scheduling your journaling practice daily into your routine, you will eventually create a journaling habit. When you become consistent with your daily routine and dedicate time to journaling, before long, you will notice it is habitual to where you don’t even have to think about it. This tends to happen naturally, and just becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Find a Style and Method of Journaling You Love

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It is also important that you not only find the style or type of journaling you enjoy the most and that will benefit you on this journey, but also the method of journaling.

Your style of journaling is the type of journal you have. There are dozens of types of journaling, from a basic daily journal where most journal entries are stream of consciousness about your day and how you are currently thinking and feeling, to specific journals meant for the benefits you receive, such as a gratitude journal or goal-setting journal.

You can choose one style or mix up what you decide to journal about each day. But it is good to take a little time near the beginning of your journey to consider what you want to write about and what you are hoping to get out of journaling to help choose a style that best suits you. Once you find that perfect style, it will be easy for you to stay consistent.

The second decision involves choosing how you want to journal—whether it’s the tactile act of putting pen to paper in a physical journal or notebook, or the digital route. Digital journaling offers various options, such as jotting down daily notes on your smartphone or typing entries on your computer using documents.

Use Journal Prompts for Inspiration

To enhance consistency in your daily journaling routine, employ journal prompts. Opt for either handpicking prompts for daily entries in your current journal or selecting a prompted journal with pre-printed prompts on each page.

Either way, journal prompts offer a great way for you to do more introspection and practice self-awareness. Just writing your thoughts on a blank page isn’t easy for everyone. Some people would prefer answering a question or being given a topic to write about, as opposed to a brain dump or stream of consciousness in their journal.

You can find prompts for just about everything, from bringing up cherished memories and planning the future, to gaining more clarity and working on your personal growth.

When you journal more consistently, that is when you will see the most progress and benefits from this practice. It allows you to gain more insight into who you are, what you want out of life, and what struggles you might be facing that need to be addressed.

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